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I have spring fever very badly.  I can hardly stand it, my husband can hardly stand it and my kids can hardly stand it!  My son Austin, who is 3, kissed me with excitement the other day because I explained to him that within the next 2 months spring will be here and reminded him of all the fun stuff we can do again.  He literally kissed me as if I am making it happen.  Poor guy, there just isn’t a whole lot to do in winter.  We are getting tired of games, movies, crafts and going to the mall to play.  I just want to open up my windows and let some fresh air in.  I want to go outside and not come back in for a while!  We LOVE camping in my family.  This winter has been THE WORST I have ever seen in Iowa (that I remember, anyway).  Every week has been an ice or snow storm.  It needs to be nice again!  I promise, I won’t complain about humidity!  I can’t promise I won’t complain about mosquitoes though.  But that’s understandable, right?

Something else I ADORE is photographing flowers.  I just ordered a new macro lens for this very occasion (and shooting detail shots at weddings, of course, which is one of my favorite things to do at weddings aside from capturing emotion and in between moments).  I can’t wait for it to get here!  I also love gardening, although I haven’t been able to keep up as much as I’d like because I am so busy.  But I love it!  Justin got me beautiful azaleas for valentine’s day and they just make me ache for spring to get here.  I love doing outdoor photo shoots whenever I can.  Here are a couple photos of the beautiful azaleas and one photo from last spring, in hopes of bringing it on sooner!



It also seems I will be rescheduling my surgery on Friday. I am not getting better, but worse again. Yuck! It’s just a darn lingering sinus infection. It needs to go away! Pretty please!? 🙂

Alright, I will post some more beautiful people photos tomorrow. Just wanted to give everyone a little dose of spring fever!


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  • That first photo is beautiful, Amanda. What pretty flowers.

  • Ugh! Im so ready for spring!! Great shots, so very pretty!

  • oooh I LOVE the second one. The colors are beautiful! Yay for spring!

  • ugh! totally miss spring! 🙁 nonetheless, those images look gorgeous!

  • The detail in that first shot is so gorgeous. Love the colours in both of these.

  • These are beautiful! The white one is stunning!

  • Gorgeous!! And yeah, I’m so over winter as well…

  • I know this sounds silly…. But the round corners just MADE these shots!! Love it!

  • I love the tone of these shots. I am really diggin your PP. and You know I LOVE THE GRAIN! =)

  • beautiful photos. I wish spring was here already. Its so cold here still!

  • Gorgeous photos, beautiful colors.

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