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I’ve been saying all year how busy I am, but it’s really hard to get a grasp of it until you see just how many sessions I had this year.  I went through and counted them and in total I had 149 sessions.  That includes weddings.  It’s been a whirlwind of a year and now you know why I haven’t had time to blog every session.  I basically just blogged engagements and weddings and saved the others for these best of posts.  I have pulled at least one photo from each session.  This best of post includes all children, infants and families.  There are many more greats, but I had to be picky.  This is a super long post, but I hope it’s worth it for you! 🙂  Happy New Year everyone!  I will be getting to engagements and weddings right after the new year.


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  • What a fantastic portfolio for the year! Just stunning!

  • 149 sessions! That’s incredible. You’re a machine. But a very talented machine! It’s hard to pick a favourite – I can’t do it. There are just so many beautiful portraits there. You have a new RSS subscriber!

  • i keep sayin it… but it bears repeating… you are one talented lady!! you’ve hit that point where i can spot a portrait of yours a mile away – fresh, bright processing, and eyes that get you every time. what an amazing year! i can’t wait to see your wedding post 🙂

  • Excellent work Amanda. You’ve come so far so fast. *Raises glass* Here’s to a fabulous 2011!

  • Little boy in the cowboy hat + boots equals all win for me. My favorite one 😀

  • wow whta an amazing year! i love the shot with the cowboy hat 😀

  • Oh, Amanda. Child/infant photography is SO challenging, and you are SO, SO good at it. These area ALL incredible. Looking at these makes me feel so excited about having a baby so I can have her photographed! : )

  • Amanda, you are always amazing. What beautiful sessions! I can’t pick a favorite.

  • I recognize two of those faces!! So nice you still take images of your own kids. And with 149 sessions…that’s insane.

    I also want to add that I think you are proof that you CAN be amazing and do weddings & portraits.

    UHHHHHHHmazing Amanda!!

  • Amanda, your child portrait work truly is second to none! You are an inspiration and I wish you all the best for 2011.

  • I’m never dissapointed coming to your blog. Love it. Every time. This is a great review. I wish I could pinch cheeks through the screen!!! Haha! I can’t wait to see what 2011 brings us from your camera!

  • Your children’s work is awe inspiring, Amanda. You are a seriously talented photographer. I love all those cute faces.

  • So much cuteness in one blog post! 🙂 Happy New Year!

  • I could eat your photos right up!!! adorable. Such fun moments. Lovin the lil guy in the cowboy hat, too cute for words!

  • Your post work and crisp depth of field just blows my mind, Amanda.

  • Your work is gorgeous! I love all the images. Super adorable and everyone single one is tact sharp!

  • Mega post full of mega awesome Amanda. Great work.

  • Too precious, especially the twelfth one!

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