Newborn Pricing/FAQ

A non-refundable $400.00 session fee is required at the time of the session.

I also offer many special products to choose from as well as additional print sizes/frames/mounting options.
Tax & a shipping charge will also apply to every order you place.

You will have 2 weeks to order before your gallery shopping cart expires.

If you need to reactivate after the time frame is up, there will be a $25.00 fee to do so.



Special Products

You can order high resolution cd’s of all the images from your session including full-printing rights for $500.00

I also make custom birth announcements, invitations, etc.  They come in sizes 5×7 or 4×8 and include envelopes.  They come in packs of 25.  Ask me to see an example of one!  They are $55.00 for 25!


Prints A La Carte

4 X 6: $13.00
Mini Wallets (Set of 8): $17.00
Wallets (Set of 4): $17.00
5 X 7: $19.00
8 X 10: $28.00
10 X 13: $55.00
11 X 14: $73.00
16 X 20: $154.00
20 X 30: $235.00


Newborn FAQ:

*Newborn sessions can take up to 1-5 hours as it can take a long time to get them to sleep and get them posed for each shot.  Don’t be disappointed if your newborn does not seem sleepy.  It can take some time and all babies are different.  Here are some tips to get your baby sleepy for his/her session:

– Try to have just fed or be feeding your baby while I am arriving and setting up.  A fully tummy keeps your baby nice and sleepy!

– Because I will have your baby naked for most of the shots, it helps a lot to have a space heater or two close by.  If you do not have one, let me know and I can bring one.  Turning the heat up in your house helps too.  Even though we may be hot, it helps regulate the babies temperature and keeps them warm and snug while doing their photos.

-Expect that some babies may need to eat sooner after/during their session.  It takes a lot out of them to be posed and moved and held, so they often get hungry earlier.

– The babies will be naked for the photo shoot.  Please expect that they may poop or pee on something of mine or yours.  If you expect it, it won’t be a shock.  Have a few extra receiving blankets nearby to help.  Also try to have them swaddled and naked when I get there.  That way if they ARE asleep already, we won’t have to wake them by taking the diaper off and undressing them.


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  • April Barkley Brown

    We are looking to get pictures taken of our newborn (she is almost three weeks). We are also interested in finding out what is included in your growing up baby package.

  • Tenille.borstad

    I am looking for more information on newborn packages and growing up baby- as well as potentially setting up an appt.

  • Michelle Harban

    Hi Amanda I had you shoot some photos of my 3 kids in 2009. I am expecting another baby in July. Do you still offer the growing up baby package? If so how much does that cost and what is included? Thanks Michelle

  • Janna Miller

    Hello, I was interested in scheduling a newborn session. D

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