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I know they say that rain on your wedding day is good luck, but for me it’s a challenge.  I LOVVEEE using natural lighting and being outside whenever I can.  I just think it makes the photos that much prettier.  Yes, I am good with lighting situations on my own, but I never prefer it.  Natural lighting is much softer and just adds a different look to a situation.  So when I found out it was going to be raining ALL DAY last Saturday for Melissa & Jay’s wedding, I had a bag of tricks up my sleeve to cover for our lack of outdoor shots.  I had a great indoor location picked out that looks as if you’re outdoors.  I also advised them to plan and bring umbrellas.  We were going to find any shelter and shoot in there as well.  We also utilized every bit of the beautiful inside of the Gortz Haus Gallery that we could.  It turned out though that when it came time for photos, God decided to give me a break.  It stopped raining just enough for us to take the photos we wanted.   As soon as we were done the rain started back up again.  Maybe rain is lucky after all?

They had one of my favorite color combinations.  Hot pink and orange.  If you just take a look at my blog, you know I love pink.  It was gorgeous!  They also told me that I was their best experience throughout their whole wedding planning and wedding day (aside from getting married of course).  I couldn’t have asked for a bigger compliment than that!

Melissa & Jay, I wish you a lifelong happiness!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day!

Now I don’t typically love black and white images more than color.  I usually go for color images.  In some cases like the shot of the bride against the window earlier in this post, I will post both because I love them equally.  But the shot directly above I think looks better in black and white.  I think in this case it tells more of a story.  In any instance that I change one to black and white, you will always get the color version as well.


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  • Really, really nice job. I hate flower shots (well at least i used to until i saw these – yours are superb). You captured some genuine emotion aswell. Love them all.

  • Lovely atmosphere and colours!

  • What a beautiful bride! This are gorgeous – great work!

  • Awesome photos as always Amanda! I love all the emotion you captured, such a vibrant and fun looking couple.

  • Wow, what a gorgeous wedding… beautiful work, Amanda.

  • WOW! Beautiful colors, beautiful wedding, beautiful images. Amazing Work.

  • Great work Amanda! The shot of the groom with the shoes is awesome. There are some really precious moments in there. I love it!

  • You beat the weather hands down on this one Amanda. Sumptuous images brimming with emotion. Superb work!

  • Great job, the colours are splendid.

  • Wonderful photography and perfect storytelling.

  • Ellen

    Great pictures Amanda!! I was at this wedding and these are great friends! You definitely captured the mood and atmosphere and of course their love!!

  • christina denekas

    Amazing, always simply amazing Amanda!

  • Amanda, I always adore your post work. What I really adore about you and your work, though, is the life you bring to each photograph. You make sure everyone is having a blast, and it comes out through the photographs.

    BTW, this bride’s eyes are STUNNING!

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