Iowa Wedding Photographer | Best of 2021 Weddings

First, I want to start off by thanking all of my lovely clients.  THANK YOU for putting your trust in me for your biggest days of your lives.  I love you all and feel that you all are so much more to me than just clients.  Thank you for all of your beautiful words in your reviews of me, thank you for the sweet gifts and thank you notes and thank you for letting not just be at your wedding, but be an integral part of your day.  I love you all and SO love my job!

Ok, this post took me a ridiculous amount of time to put together.  How can I possibly choose favorites from the year and discard the rest?!  They’re all like my babies and every photo I take is meaningful to me.  2021 was nuts, in a good way.  37 weddings, 65 engagements/couples shoots and 77 other shoots (maternity, family, senior, boudoir & Mentor).   I shoot solo and have always shot that way in my 13 year career.  I also do my own editing.  When you hire me, you’re getting me.  Not some associate.  You also get me editing and working directly with you!

I feel like I was busier than ever (good problem to have), which is insane. Because I love my job too much and have a hard time saying no, I’m already at 46 weddings for next year which slightly terrifies me and excites me for whats to come at the same time!  I’m also fully booked for Saturday’s already for June 2023, so if you’re just engaged, please know dates book fast!

This past year I travelled a lot!  I had 2 separate California weddings, a Texas wedding at an amazing mansion, A Gulf shores Alabama wedding, a Florida wedding, a separate Florida session, A Devils Lake, Wisconsin engagement plus multiple family vacations with photos involved!  Because of Covid, the out of country weddings were post-poned.  I will be in Mexico twice, just next month, plus a gorgeous Sonoma, Arizona wedding coming up this April! Stay tuned for all that awesome-ness (and pray no flights are cancelled!).

With all that said, here is my 2021 favorites collection.  Yes, I know it’s super long and may take a while to load.  I will also say that it’s impossible to truly shuffle them, but I did my best.  They are in no particular order.  Enjoy!  2 Weeks till my first wedding of 2022, let’s go!