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This wedding I will be posting in a few days was SO fun!  It was held at the zoo, if that tells you anything.  I just want to show a tiny bit of how fun it was.  The bride, Carly, did a cartwheel on the dancefloor.  IN HER DRESS!  She landed it too, which is not an easy task!  Check her out!


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  • AAaahh!! So amazing – I can’t believe she pulled that off in her dress – awesome shot! 🙂

  • HOW COOL?!?!?!? Awesome moment!

  • wow is all I can say, that really is the coolest dancing shot ever!

  • What the?! That is an awesome moment junkie worthy photo! Hope you submit it!

  • Way to go, bride! And way to go, Amanda, for capturing that perfect moment!

  • WHOA! MJ submission. NOW!

  • Brilliant shot! Love it.

  • Wow! now that’s a great shot : )

  • Go Carly!!! 😀 THAT is a bride who knows how to party.

  • oh my goodness… i thought i’ve seen everything last time when a groomsman proposed to a bridesmaid

  • Hilarious!

  • That bride is AWESOME!

  • AWESOME shot! Love it.

  • YES! THAT is an awesome wedding photo! =)

  • Now THAT is a moment!

  • Love it!

  • This bride is awesome! And nice off camera flash Amanda!

  • Your photos are ridiculously gorgeous!

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