Iowa Wedding Photographer – Happy Monday!

I just wanted to post a quick few photos of my kiddos now that Christmas time is here and I have my Christmas cards out!  I will get another engagement session on my blog within the next day or so.  Then I will be gearing up for my best of posts this year.  I am going to have to split it up into about 5 posts, so be ready!  But in the meantime, here are some ultra cuties to look at! (Not that I am biased..)  Notice the tootsie rolls in their hands.  Yes, bribes work very well for my kids sometimes!  The first photo is a photo I took of my daughter last night while my husband and son went to get our Christmas tree.  Happy Holidays everyone!


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  • Absolutely gorgeous little faces Amanda!

    thanks for sharing

  • Robyn

    Love the tootsie rolls!! That’s so cute and adds to the whole Christmas theme! Adorable kids, adorable pictures!

  • You’re right – very cute indeed and love their outfits. You’ve given me the nudge I need to get a few shots of my two – can’t remember the last time I made them pose!

  • Awww what gorgeous little ones!!! So so cute and beautiful photos too!

  • Those eyes! Amanda, you are killing me with how amazing your images are. These are just wonderful.

  • wow.. those eyes are stunners… love how the neutral background makes them pop!

  • gorgeous little ones 🙂 superb pictures

  • So cute!!!I love the matching outfits and that first image is so sweet!

  • Haha, I love that last one. Cutest expressions ever!

  • These kids are too cute. Beautiful photos, Amanda. =)

  • Those are some good looking babies!

  • I’m with everyone on the eyes! Just beautiful

  • Um, your kids are absolutely adorable! You should post your Christmas card too. I want to see what you sent out!

  • What adorable kids! I love how vibrant the colors are in your photos.

  • Adorable! I love the one of them hugging!

  • You, my dear, have a true gift. These are beyond adorable!

  • Beautiful work as always, Amanda! Pretty cute kids, too!

  • you make good looking babies! these photos are amazing. i can only imagine what your family photo albums look like!

  • Your kids are adorable! Love the eyes in the first shot!

  • Great set Amanda. I love your processing and composition.

  • Wow, how stinking cute are those kids?! Great job!

  • Aw, what dolls. That first photo is brilliant. Love how sparkly her eyes are.

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