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Yesterday I photographed Bryan & Christina’s wedding.  It was beautiful!  There was so much emotion that it was hard not to get caught up in it.  I still cry at every wedding.  Thank goodness it doesn’t affect my shooting because if someone else is crying, I usually am too.  Especially if I know the story behind it.  Yesterday was full of those moments!  Here is a sneak peak to their gorgeous day!  Bryan & Christina, thank you for letting me be a part of your wonderful day and also thank you for making me feel like part of the family! 🙂

I also just want to note that although for a lot of these shots, I have decided to post the ‘vintage’ versions, the bride will be getting the originals too.  I love both versions! 🙂  If you want to see originals, just let me know!

I also apologize, this will be a lengthy post.  There are too many photos I love, it was hard to narrow it down!






















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  • Man, those are some crazy beautiful peepers this bride has! And with that cool veil net thing, I too wouldn’t have been able to resist taking a ton of portraits of her 🙂

  • Love the vintage look to the images of the bride and groom.
    Great ring shots too.

  • Beautiful photographs here, the bride and groom are going to be verrrrry happy! Nice to see a wedding from you.

  • Those are some gorgeous eyes on the bride!

  • You’ve got some really beautiful moments. And I adore the bride’s headpiece.

  • Really nice processing on the bridal close-ups. Nice work – well done!

  • Great detail shots of everything!
    It looks like the venue and reception were fairly dark, but you handled it all very well.

  • Amanda- there are some crazy good shots here. I especially love the details shots of the bride getting ready. Great work!

  • those are fantastic! Love the couple’s silhouettes!

  • That first bridal shot kills. The one after the snap of the necklace.. Beautiful

  • Love the atmosphere created in the photo of the couple at the end of the aisle.

  • P Chingren

    Wow! What a great selection. Bride is beautiful.

  • This is a great set, Amanda. Your portraits of the bride are beautiful, and you did a nice job capturing their day!

  • Wow, her flowers are gorgeous.

  • great captures. love the bridal close-ups

  • Love the backlit dancing shots; really outstanding. The bridal portraits are quite fun too. Great work!

  • Wow! Stunning detail shots! I adore the bridal portraits especially!

  • Melissa Taylor

    Great, beautiful photographs. Great, beautiful people.

  • Awe, Amanda, these are absolutely beautiful gorgeous wedding photographs! I bet they LOVED these a ton!!!!! So nicely done!!! LOVE!

  • Awesome work, loving all the details. The church looked like it was challenging. I hate spot lights!! Great captures:)

  • I love them all, but that closeup vintage one of her kissing him is just fantastic. Beautiful work.

  • LOVE the shot in close of the bride!!!

  • Wow! I can see why you had a hard time leaving anything out – all of these are outstanding. Great captures and a very nice flow of the day. I LOVE the bridal portrait close-up – those eyes are gorgeous.

    Wonderful execution of the kiss as well.

  • Oh, I LOVE those bridal shots. gorgeous!!

  • Awesome work! It’s so hard to choose a favorite.

  • Ma

    These photos are the icing on top of the cake!! They are spectacular. You are a true artist!!

  • Thank you so much Nancy! 🙂

  • I love your work Amanda! Great job capturing this wedding! Bride is beautiful.

  • Pam Conkling

    Very beautiful wedding and such a delightful,warm handsome couple. luv ya

  • I love your style, Amanda. Each and every one of these are beautiful. I love the photographs on the bridge! And… well, just knowing you from the forums, you are a really nice person 🙂 just sayin’.

  • Beautiful bride and beautiful images!

  • Gorgeous images Amanda!

  • Yogesh

    Christy…You LOOK AWSOME….All this is like a DREAM…the dress..the flowers…the twinkle in the eye…I can write a new fairy tale on this one…and Amanda your photography is SUPER DUPER EXCELLENT…work of A Genius…Bravo

  • absolutely beautiful! love the last shot!

  • Great photographs, love the colours. The bride has such bright eyes!

  • These are absolutely beautiful! That last photo is fantastic!

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