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I want to start this post by reminding everyone about my Christmas Giveaway! The deadline is the end of Jan. so please check it out and feel free to e-mail me! Here is the link to my post about it! 🙂

Pretty soon I will post some photos of my kiddos in the snow. They FINALLY got to play in the snow for the first time this year yesterday! 🙂 It finally was not below 0 for once! They also made their first snow man. It was my husband’s first snow man as well since he grew up in Arizona. They loved it and officially named him Mr. Snowman. My poor Lilia didn’t love it so much because she is only 1 1/2 and could hardly move in all her snow gear. lol It was still adorable!

So here is that awesome newborn session I promised you the other day. I am posting mostly black and whites for this session because I just think they look so beautiful! I always go back and forth on what I like best, which is why I always offer everyone the choice between the originals and black and whites (or whatever else I do). This is another new growing up baby so you will be seeing a lot more of him!














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  • So amazingly cute!! Please come out to cali so I can have you shoot our next one!! (Once we get around to that…) lol

  • These are beautiful! The parents will forever cherish these.

  • Simply amazing Amanda! Your work is great, truly. And I envy your PP!

  • Very sweet shoot! He looks so serene!

  • Great job posing the baby and getting fabulous shots! The first two are my favorite. And for the record, I love B/W for newborns as well!

  • gorgeous gorgeous!! I actually love the color pics the most! Great job. I know how hard newborn shoots can be.

  • Lovely images of the young child, well loved well cared for and well photographed. Great job!! Great job playing with the light to create the images.

  • No, no, stop! The gorgeousness is making my insides go flip-flop! Maybe my womb is calling? Sssh, don’t tell my husband! 😛

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